DentistARy - Anaesthesia Simulation Model for Dental Students

Abstract/Technology Overview

The injection of anaesthesia on Inferior Alveolar Nerve is a blind procedure. The landmarks of the nerve are covered by the gum and muscles. To compensate for the lack of visual cues, dental students feel the bone under the gum with their hands, visualise the needle path and need a lot of practice.


Magic Lens is an augmented reality system that comprises of a phone, projector and a “magic lens” which serves as the marker that allows the AR engine to select the content based on the marker and project it on a student’s T-shirt or a mannequin to help visualize the concepts being taught.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages


1.    Magic Lens provides a fun and interactive way of teaching students through visualization.

2.    Requires a smartphone and projector which are easily available in modern day classrooms

3.    Helps students remember and recollect the concepts easily.

Potential Applications


Training dentistry students to inject anaesthesia on the inferior alveolar nerve.

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NUS Enterprise

Technology Category
  • Healthcare
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Computer-Simulated Environments
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 4