VCode® – The Scannable Image for Secure Transactions With the Wave of a Mobile Device

Abstract/Technology Overview

VCode® can handle a myriad of secure transactions with the wave of a mobile device, including instant payments, ID Verification, document transfer, counterfeit protection and much more.

VCode® has the potential to revolutionize secure transactions. The versatile technology allows genuine users to authenticate themselves, and / or a product, across a variety of online transactions and interactions. It can be used in many sectors for applications ranging from document verification, to authenticity checks on apparel and identity, and interactive charitable donations.

VCode® has the power to change and save lives. The scannable code can be used to ensure full traceability throughout the manufacturing supply chain. In doing so, it has the power to reduce counterfeit and fraud, while providing consumer confidence that products are genuine, safe, and sustainable.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

VCode® encompasses the functions of serial numbers, bar codes and QR codes in one secure image. The superior scannable code, VCode® goes above and beyond the functions of each of these technologies combined.

  • Secure closed loop system. Effectively there is no limit to the number of unique VCodes® that can be created.
  • Scannable at up to, and over 100 metres. Perfect for use in various settings: advertising, sports facilities, stadia and arena. Over 4 times the distance of other codes.
  • Scannable ‘on the move’ so can be placed on buses, trains and taxis.
  • Instant image recognition, delivering content within 6 seconds from scan.
  • Scannable at up to 160 degree angles, so can be used in shop windows, at outdoor events and concert mega-screens.
  • Targeted results – the VPlatform® provides different results to the user based on their demographic, geo location, and previous interactions.
  • Built in error correction. 30% of a VCode® can be damaged and still scan effectively. Important in uses such as packaging.
  • In depth analytics produced as the VPlatform® has a complete history of all codes scanned with who, what, where, and when information. Other solutions code only offer up an IP address.
  • Scan while offline (Result is automatically retrieved when connection resumes).
  • European Commission seal of approval for unrivalled traceability and supply chain management. 

Potential Applications

VCode® encompasses the functions of serial numbers, bar codes and QR codes in one secure image. It is constantly evolving and can be used for a very extensive range of transactions. The scannable code encompasses the functions of serial numbers, bar codes and QR codes in one secure image. It lets you collect and analyze the tracking data needed for effective campaign targeting from every scan. From simple, safe instant payments to bespoke customer engagement interfaces, VCode® can handle it.

Use cases include fraud reduction in the electronic benefit transfer system, tracing the supply chain of products ranging from apparel to minerals, and reducing the supply of unsafe and potentially lethal counterfeit goods and conflict minerals. The possibilities are endless.

Applications include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Anti-counterfeit protection
  • Virtual wallet
  • Traceability
  • Secure document transfer
  • Instant payments
  • Customer engagement
  • Brand protection

Customer Benefit

VCode® offers extensive benefits to consumers, businesses and governments. These include:

  • Ease of use
  • Access to content within 6 seconds of scanning
  • Enhanced, closed-loop security
  • Secure access to content based on User ID, Geo Location & Demographic
  • Scannable at speed, from great distances
  • Built in error correction
  • Allows brands to ‘push’ users with offers

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