Conference Application for Attendees

Abstract/Technology Overview

This Conference App enables attendees at conferences and events to experience the effectiveness of multiple context-based real-time interventions and features during the event. Various features such as forums, chat, comments on events, live polling, surveys etc. makes the conference / event  much more engaging as well as provides everyone with a platform to interact with other attendees without necessarily needing to disclose your personal details such as email address or phone number. A backend content management portal allows the event organisers to easily configure, create and manage such forums, polls etc., and sync them to the real-time progress of the conference.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This application supports a wide range of interesting and unique features which are developed to make the conference much more interactive. Following are some of the key features of the app:

CHAT: Send messages to other attendees without ever needing to disclose your email address to anyone.

LIVE POLLING: Collect votes effortlessly and accurately without needing to spend time and resources for manually counting, gathering feedback, and generating engagement.

COMMENTS:  Post comments on the events to share views, clarify doubts by asking questions.

SURVEY/ EVENT FEEDBACK: Collect more feedback through convenient mobile surveys. Allow attendees to rate events and attend quizzes.

FORUMS: Speak up your mind and get feedback from all the attendees by posting questions under different forum threads.

GAMES: Play different interactive games such as photo competition, group scavenger hunt etc.

OFFLINE SUPPORT: Let attendees automatically download and store basic information about events including Agenda and Attendee lists in preparation for a lack of Internet connection.

Potential Applications

The App is intended for use mainly in the MICE industry, and by anybody responsible for hosting/organising events with a medium to large number of attendees. It can be used to increase digital interaction with conference and event attendees, and provides low-overhead ways to receive feedback from attendees about the various scheduled events. It also provides a way for greater community engagement among the event speakers and attendees, by providing multiple easy-to-configure ways for them to interact with one another.

Customer Benefit

·         Interaction and Engagement: An event mobile app is an effective channel for the streamlined delivery of effective and engaging communications. An active and engaged audience translates into higher quality meetings, better feedback and a stronger connection with your corporate brand

·         Quick Access to Schedule: Well-designed mobile app allows easy access to information

·         Real-time Insights: Provides real-time insights about how people are responding to the event/ conference and provides you with the opportunity to tune the event accordingly.

·         Keep Attendees informed :  app notifications are the best way to reach out to the entire audience and update silently

Contact Person

Francis Lim


Singapore Management University - LiveLabs

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  • Social Media, Collaboration & Crowdsourcing
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  • TRL 7

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