SMART Packaging with Unique Identity to Protect Your Brand and Engage Customers

Abstract/Technology Overview

Anti-counterfeiting technology is an indispensable asset in times of widespread circulation of counterfeit and pirated goods in the global market. It provides companies and consumers with a means of product identification and authentication.

The anti-counterfeiting technology offers product authentication via encrypted identification tagging form factors. One of the identification form factors to be showcased will be the NFC (Near-field communication) tag, a consumer-verifiable technology to definitively indicate whether a product’s container has been opened and may contain a fake product. The NFC tags are easily integrated into products, readable by smartphone, the factory-sealed ID (Identity) provides anti-counterfeit protection and it can have two-state ID to create separate “sealed” and “open” scenarios.

Besides checking product authenticity, the solution can be used for traceability purpose to enhance supply chain visibility significantly. In the process, valuable market insights are generated that enterprises can analyze to aid in their business planning and direct communications with their customers.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology uses NFC tag for product authentication, secured data transmission, and storage. It is easily adaptable into the existing market using ubiquitous devices like the smart phone as an authentication tool for end-users to inquire for information before making a purchase decision and check authenticity. The same digital identity can be used for traceability purpose to enhance supply chain visibility significantly. In the process, valuable market insights are generated by leveraging big data analytics.

While the business values are obvious, enterprises should look for true technology winners to ensure hassle-free deployment with features like these:

  • Encrypted unique digital product identity & serialization
  • Bullet-proof data protection for product, sensitive supply chain, and customer data
  • Bank-grade access control to ensure critical system & database integrity and fend off against insider fraud
  • Flexible architecture & service models for both on-premise or cloud deployment suitable for brand owners large and small

Potential Applications

  • Companies that are looking for anti-counterfeiting solution
  • Companies that are looking for better Customer Relationship Management
  • Companies that are looking for Supply Chain Management
  • Companies that are interested in Data Analytics (product sales, stock movement, consumers’ buying behavior etc)
  • Suitable for food products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage products, health supplement, pharmaceutical products, luxury goods, personal care products and more

Customer Benefit

Key Benefits for Enterprise

  • Monitor and track products movements in distribution channels (e.g. to detect any parallel market activity, supply chain management)
  • Valuable consumers’ insights obtained while ensuring consumers’ privacy is still protected
  • Real-time sales tracking (e.g. for stock management purpose)
  • Marketing campaign measurement (e.g. track campaign effectiveness)
  • Direct engagement with customers


Benefits for Enterprise's Customers

  • Greater transparency on products’ history
  •  Instantly obtain information about a product to assist making purchase decision
  • Authenticate products instantaneously using their own mobile device
  • Receive personalized services and relevant promotional messages pre- and after- purchase via timely push notification or SMS

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