Secure, Automated Smart Storage System

Abstract/Technology Overview

We have a system providing automated storage device which is both secure and connected to the cloud system for monitoring of usage. 

Our system consists of a central controller unit and side units which can be scaled and extended according to the needs of the users and the deployment site.

Our product is highly customisable and can be used for various storage needs, sizes and required use cases through software work flows. 

Coupled with the integration of user accounts, content tracking, payment solutions, our easy-to-use system offers a convenient storage solution for parcels, personal belongings, personal mobility devices in the urban environment. 

We are looking for partners keen to deploy secure storage system for niche or custom applications.

1. Self service, self managed

2. Secure, tamper proof storage system

3. Detailed usage and demand tracking 

4. Customisable workflow and integration to customer's business needs.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our storage solutions provides a secure, automated, self service solution for keeping users belongings. The lockers are controlled electronically and users can access them via our easy-to-use kiosk interface or via our mobile app. Users are able to top up their accounts with electronic payment methods or via cash and utilize the system with their credits. This reduces the need for cash collection to a minimum. 

In additional, our system allows tracking of usage of the system and provides information on demand and utilisation patterns allowing better customer experience.

Potential Applications

The current key application area is in storage of consumer items in transportation, delivery parcels and personal belongings. The system can also be utilised in niche areas where there will be special requirements like warming, cooling, need for a variety of sizes of spaces. It can be used in areas where localised needs for high security access of items can be fulfilled without the need for manpower to be on standby.

Contact Person

Jason Loh


i2P Ventures Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Interactive Digital Media & Multimedia
  • Mobility
  • Logistics
  • Delivery & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Value-Added Services
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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