Nextan Smart Tracker and Sensor Network

Abstract/Technology Overview

Nextan Smart Tracker and Sensor Network adopt low power IoT technology. 

Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) solution has the advantages of low power, and long range. It is ideal for the implementation of battery powered, low-cost sensor network.

Nextan Smart tracker integrates LoRaWAN, BLE and GPS technologies. It is one the few products in the world provide both indoor and outdoor tracking using both BLE and GPS technologies. With our intelligent power management technology, the tracker is able to work up to 3 years without battery replacement.

Nextan sensor network integrates Lorawan with varies environment sensors. These sensors include temperature and humidity sensor; CO2 sensor, occupancy sensor, water quality measurement.

With a complete end to end solution including installation, hardware, firmware customisation, server, web portal development, data analysis, machine learning and deep learning, Nextan provides one stop shop to our customers. 

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Nextan SMART tracker and sensor network system has the follow features:

  • Support both indoor and outdoor position tracking
  • Range up to 12 km line-of-sight
  • Outdoor accuracy up to 3m and indoor accuracy up to 0.5m 
  • Up to 3-year battery life
  • Support different type of environmental sensor: temperature and humidity, CO2, Water quality measurement
  • We can customise different sensor system base on customer's requirements and specifications.  Nextan has in house development and project team provide full vertical system integration include hardware, firmware and software design.

Potential Applications

Nextan Lorawan SMART tracker can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment.  The application includes asset tracking in a warehouse, people movement, location based information services. Sports training analysis for team based sports. People Finder for out door location tracking.

Nextan Lorawan Sensor network provides integration with varies type of environment sensor like  Water quality, Air quality,, Vibration.  The big data collected can be used for preventive and predictive maintenance. Nextan provides data analysis, machine learning and deep learning algorithm to build an intelligent system.



Customer Benefit

Nextan is a Singapore based SME with a team of capable technical expertise in house. We provide one stop engineering product and services to our customers ---Hardware, firmware, and Software development including web port, mobile app. Local support from our development team in Singapore. The system is easy to deploy, scalable for future expansion.  Nextan had 13 years of experience as a technical system provider with good track record.

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