Container Port Automation

Abstract/Technology Overview

We have secured numerous projects in the mature industry of port automation, including clinching projects from major MNCs.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology achieves superior automation performance at a lower cost than existing solutions, thus giving maximum benefit to the user. The technology combines simple hardware (cheap off the shelf cameras) and complex software, which is in contrast to the existing solutions based on expensive laser sensors. 

This improves the cost benefits to the customer by reducing system cost, system installation complexity, system maintenance complexity and expanding the automation functionality of a single sensor. 

The key advantage that is achieved is ‘Doing more with less’, by optimising automation systems to achieve maximum performance and productivity enhancement while minimising cost. 

The technology has been proven for operational use in the Port of Singapore over multiple years of deployment and assessment.

Key quantitative performance data:

  • Vehicle / Container number reading accuracy on automated yard crane >=98%.
  • Vehicle / Container number reading accuracy on human driven quay crane >=93%.
  • Automated container pickup from human driven vehicle >= 80%.
  • Automated container pickup from automated vehicle >= 95%.
  • Automated container set down to automated vehicle >= 95%.
  • Detection of unsafe parking by human vehicle driver >= 99%.
  • Detection of unsafe twistlock during container lifting from vehicle >= 99%. 

Potential Applications

• What is the primary application area?

Container Port Automation. 

• What other areas or markets can it also be applied in?

Any system which can be modified for other related automation problems (e.g. airport automation / factory automation / intelligent transport systems) 

• What products can be developed if the technology is adopted?

Automated container handling machines. 

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Jason Loh


i2P Ventures Pte Ltd

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