Artificial Intelligence-Powered Surface and Deep Web Data Harvesting Software-as-a-Service Platform for Business Intelligence

Abstract/Technology Overview

A lack of business intelligence can result in poor decisions, duplicated effort, lost sales, and lost productivity. Whilst critical intelligence continues to be increasingly sourced from the internet, “best practice” Business Intelligence methodologies and tools have not kept pace with technology. Knowledge workers can spend around 2.5 hours (or 30%) of the workday simply searching for information - this excludes time then spent processing the data before insights can be derived, decisions made, and value added. Our unique platform is redefining businesses’ relationships with the internet by unlocking its vast, untapped potential. It does this by deploying proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms and advanced Surface and Deep Web internet search engines to locate and harvest across all open-source data and all modern languages to provide intelligence on any topic or subject of interest. The platform is redefining businesses’ relationships with the internet by unlocking its vast, untapped potential. Within a matter of minutes, it can better inform and enable organisations to make smarter and faster decisions in the service of either increasing value, driving efficiency to reduce costs, improving health and safety or raising security etc. Offered as a software-as-a-service platform, our product is relevant to any industry or sector, and to a range of departments or functions within an organisation i.e. strategy, competitor intelligence, technology horizon scanning, mergers and acquisitions etc., to amplify their knowledge. It has also been used by government, defence, and academic institutions. 

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Marketed as a Software-as-a-Service product, our technology combines Artificial Intelligence (specifically deep learning) algorithms, advanced internet search engines, and compelling visualisations within a single, integrated platform. In searching for academic papers, patents, industry reports, journals, news items, social media etc., it self-directs and works across all modern languages to locate open-source content in the Surface and Deep Web. Its performance surpasses standard search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing and, whilst a human only reads a handful of the results returned, our technology simultaneously reads EVERYTHING that it harvests to provide the user with an overview of any topic or subject of interest. It enables users to discover what’s happening, where in the world, and by who, as well as determine historic trends of any topic, whether tangible or intangible items. Unlike humans, its completely unbiased assessment reveals “unknown-unknowns” and highlights relationships between topics that users would otherwise have overlooked. Being eminently repeatable, regular use allows users to track progress of existing trends and spot any new, emerging phenomena. The highest-level of analysis utilising around 50,000 harvested items delivers results in under 5 minutes. More complex analysis harvesting 100,000s of items has a 1 to 2-hour turnaround. Being accessible from the Cloud from any modern web browser, able to work across all modern languages, and relevant to any topic or subject, it is universally applicable. And, being completely intuitive, it does not require any prior Artificial Intelligence, Big Data or subject-matter expertise for users to operate and derive insights.

Potential Applications

Our technology is redefining how organisations acquire and work with Business Intelligence and transcends anything currently commercially available. With its revolutionary and proprietary deep learning algorithms able to acquire and process vast, unstructured open-source datasets harvested from the internet, it is capable of delivering intelligence and insight on literally any topic or subject. Consequently, its use is not limited to any particular industry or sector but, like the internet, is universally applicable. In proving the technology, it has been used within the energy, insurance, banking, steel, aerospace, pharma, investment, telecoms, professional services and auto-manufacturing industries, as well as by government, defence, and academic institutions. In addition, it is completely intuitive so that even non-subject matter experts can derive insights. Consequently, it is usable across an organisation from C-suite through to analysts and casual users across a whole range of internal departments and functions. It has supported activities such as corporate strategy formation, competitor intelligence, technology horizon scanning, mergers and acquisitions, in-country risk, national security, new market opportunity assessment, technology procurement optimisation etc.

Customer Benefit

At the highest level, our technology liberates users, including non-subject matter experts, to acquire and work with Big Data in order to make smarter and faster decisions, spot opportunities and threats sooner, and verify and challenge their own beliefs – all in the service of creating greater value.

Proven benefits for clients are numerous:

a.       Reduced reliance on third-party consultant support reduces costs, protects and keeps strategic intelligence gathering in-house, and maintains and builds the corporate brain trust

b.      Able to spot opportunities and emerging threats sooner

c.      Time spent searching for and processing information virtually eradicated, significantly improving productivity

d.      Less disruption to other employees when information cannot be found

e.      Ability to effortlessly source and work with Unstructured Big Data

f.       Better informed decision making based on more robust and comprehensive information

g.      Reduced duplication of effort with multiple users able to access and see the central repository of analysis

h.      Assurance on potential acquisition, in-country risk, and optimised technology procurement

i.       Benchmarking against peer activity and pinpointing new entrants

j.       Greater understanding of existing or potential clients

Contact Person

Niraj Saraf


Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

Technology Category
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation
  • Enterprise & Productivity
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 5

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, surface and deep web harvesting, big data, unstructured data, business intelligence