Energy Saving and Smart-advertising Hand-dryer

Abstract/Technology Overview

There are 70 million washrooms globally: 20 percent are equipped with environmentally unfriendly, unhygienic hand-dryers that don’t properly dry hands, 80 percent offer expensive paper towels that create three million tons of waste, costing corporate landlords £10.5bn per year. In partnership with Intel® SAVORTEX has built the world's first IoT-enabled messaging hand-dryer. The adDryer™ uses just 1/3rd of the energy compared to market leading dryers (such as Dyson) and uses an in-built sensor to monitor dryer usage and washroom footfall in real-time, alerting cleaners to washroom inspections based on actual footfall and displays a full motion video adverts in response to users drying their hands. The adDryer drives unrivalled energy/waste savings and makes money for the washroom owner (and our distribution partners) by delivering targeted online adverts to users on a one-to-one basis. The adDryer transforms wasteful corporate washrooms into sustainable and revenue producing smart spaces. Savortex smart dryers are used by world leading corporates such Carillion, Rentokil Initial, REXEL, British Airways, Rolls Royce, GSK, L’Oreal, Honda, Shell to name a few, who are all savings thousands in terms of energy, waste an resource.

We are seeking partnerships with leading Facilities management companies, Washroom owners/operators, Electrical wholesale distribution companies, and Media buying companies.


Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The Savortex adDryer™ offers:

  • Lowest carbon footprint per dryer of any hand drying system in the market. 
  • SAVORTEX dryers offer a powerful, energy-efficient hand-dryer that delivers quick-dry in 11 seconds and runs on just 550 watts, which uses 1/5th less energy compared to traditional dryer motors (a 2.4kW World Dryer Air Max) to power its hand-dryers because they are powerful yet very energy efficient. The company has achieved a Guinness World Record for producing the world’s most “energy efficient hand dryer.” 
  • True sustainability. Savortex dryers offer an industry leading 7-year warranty. SAVORTEX has incorporated the most advanced digital-brush-less motor technology tested to 2.4m drying cycles, offering 10x more life than traditional dryers. 
  • Operational efficiency via IoT (internet of things connectivity)
  • SAVORTEX deployed Intel® Smart Connect Technology, to be able to confidently connect to the cloud. The solution offers a connected washroom management system that can reduce clients’ operational costs by facilitating effective and responsive washroom cleaning.
  • New revenue: Thanks to hardware from Intel, the adDryer engages users with one-to-one, high definition video messages so enterprises can use real data to push content and drive additional revenue streams.

Potential Applications

The primary application of our hand drying technology is to dry hands in commercial washrooms effectively, efficiently and to enhance the customer experience.

- Further more we want to reduce energy, waste and resource and drive additional revenue streams from marketing and advertising for our client the Buildings owner, washroom operator and Facilities Management Company.

- With Intel inside, our smart dryers are able to offer host FM companies, landlords and building managers vast insight into footfall, usage, energy expenditure and savings on washroom attendance and maintenance.

- The big data collected trans business is colossal and offers the media industry accuracy of proven eyeballs by showing adverts to a captive, provable, gender segmented and professional audience in an unprecedented way.

- To that end, Savortex would like to partner with Facilities Management, Washroom owners/operators and Media Buying Companies to connect advertisers with the adDryer screens according to their audience preferences.

- The addressable commercial washroom market is around $34bn. 


Customer Benefit

The adDryer offers our clients the commercial washroom owners/operator and users the following benefits:  

1. Quick energy efficient and invigorating dry

Using just 550W, which is  66% to 88% less than traditional dryers, the adDryer hygienically dries hands in 11* seconds.

2.100% waste saving vs. paper towels.

3. Sustainable and long life:

Digital Brushless Motor Technology (10x more operational life vs. Traditional dryers).

4.Smart Data & Interoperable:

Reports real-time energy and washroom footfall, for remote washroom management.

5. Real-time & wireless cleaning Alerts:

Sends text messages to cleaners for washroom inspections based on actual footfall for improved hygiene & resource efficiency

6. Enhanced user experience, engagement and revenue share opportunities:

Real time, one-to-one Video messaging, encourages high levels of employee engagement, for enhanced productivity, hygiene & sustainability. Presenting unparalleled marketing and advertising opportunities. 

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Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

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