Customized recombinant human growth factor cocktails for therapeutics, personal care and research

Abstract/Technology Overview

Nowadays, growth factors are used in various applications such as therapeutics, personal care and research since they play a vital role in cell regeneration and growth and for the maintenance of healthy human tissue. However, it seems that we do not benefit from manmade growth factor efficiency. Most applications only use a single growth factor for one objective while some use growth factor mixtures without knowledge of the proper proportion. Our technology is Customized recombinant human growth factors cocktails for therapeutics, personal care and research. We provide human growth factor cocktails with an appropriate ratio which will be extremely beneficial to target cells. It will affect the level of therapeutics or desirable results accordingly. Target customers for this IP are research and development team of pharmaceuticals companies, cosmeceutical companies or cell regeneration researchers.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Technology Feature: Customized recombinant human growth factor cocktails

Specification: Customized recombinant human growth factor cocktails which specifically leverage target cells to desirable results

Advantage: Customized recombinant human growth factors cocktails have a greater result in cell regeneration compared with using single growth factor or a mixture of growth factors since they are produced in a proper proportion for target cells.

Potential Applications

Customized recombinant human growth factor cocktails can be used in various types of applications such as for therapeutics, personal care and research. They can be used as active ingredients of medicines or cosmetics. More than that, researchers can use them for advanced stage of stem cells and organ transplantation research and development. 

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Sansanee Chaiyaroj



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  • TRL 9

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