Conferences and eXhibitions Insights (CXInsights)

Abstract/Technology Overview

This solution addresses the need of effectiveness of large sized gathering of buyers and sellers in the context of Conferences and Exhibitions by collecting people movement information through indoor navigation support and people engagement information through wireless interaction support, to derive actionable business insights through big data analytics.  This enhances the existing ways of way finding, typically manual look up of an exhibition booklet,  and contact exchange through a bar code or worse still name card exchange.  By fully automating the above 2 key activities for any conferences and exhibitions, the system can gather a substantial amount of relevant data to understand the people movement pattern and the user interests to enable more accurate target marketing both for the exhibitors and the event organizers.  With such data in place, the system can provide insights into visitor profile, eg serious buyers with lots of business interactions vs free loaders looking for free food and beverages, as well as positioning of key facilities like entrances and exits, meeting rooms, conference halls, food area, and toilets to optimize human traffic.  To the exhibitors, these systems give them a highly targeted marketing platform to feature their solutions to the exact target audience, with the seamless method of capturing their interests.  To the visitors, this tool gives them the scheduling, navigation and interaction support.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The solution has 4 components:

  1. Visitor and Exhibitor Profiling and Matching Interface
  2. Indoor Navigation Mobile App with Target Advertising
  3. Location Based System (LBS) with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh Network or equivalent
  4. Analytics Dashboards and Reports for Organizers and Exhibitors

As most events already handle both visitor and exhibitor registration, our solution will interface with such backend system to extract the data, with the option to enter such data where needed.  These form the basis for target marketing, where matching visitors walking by a relevant booth will trigger an in-app notification, allowing lesser known yet relevant products and services to be featured effectively.

Indoor Navigation addresses a common frustration for visitors in bigger event facilities. This incentivizes the visitors to turn on the mobile app, allowing the in-app notification of target marketing to work seamlessly in a non-intrusive way.

LBS can range from a simple BLE mesh network where each exhibitor gets a beacon to place at the fascia board of the booth to a multi-modal pre-installed LBS using a combination of UWB, WIFI and BLE to achieve higher accuracy with fewer dependencies on booth configuration.

Based on movement and interaction data, analytics insights can be provisioned through online dashboards or reports for event organizers on visitor profiling, e.g. quality visitors who interact actively with exhibitors vs free loaders who came for freebies.  Similarly, exhibitors get a summary or real-time updates on their exhibition results, allowing them to improve their effectiveness and to follow up requests received.

Potential Applications

The current primary application for this solution is for the “Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) markets, especially Conferences and Exhibitions with large facilities such as Singapore Expo, Marina Bay Sands, and Suntec Convention Centre.  Beyond these, this application has much potential for the entire tourism and attractions, leisure and recreations, and shopping mall and retail industry.  With the LBS scaled to handle outdoor, i.e. supporting GPS, this solution can be applied to cover an entire tourist area such as Sentosa, or even the whole of Singapore.  Even for the local visitors, any attractions with large outdoor areas like the Zoo, Night Safari, Bird Park, Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens, etc, can find this solution useful.  Private facilities like Universal Studio or large malls like Vivocity would find a use for the visitor analytics and targeted advertisements. Outside MICE and Retail, this application can also be position for indoor critical asset tracking like tracking of key personnel and equipment in the hospitals or other resource critical working environments like large industrial facilities such as warehouse and manufacturing plants, or security and safety critical environments like Jurong Island where the location of resources and activities of key personnel must be thoroughly tracked, with results analysed for optimization.

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