Battery-free Smart Sensor Code

Abstract/Technology Overview

Advancements in IOT devices such as sensors have enabled manufacturers to closely monitor their goods, while it is being stored and transported to various markets. However, implementation of such IOT devices to support manufacturing operations requires an extensive infrastructure – network modules, sensor hardware, servers – to support its functions. Further, such devices require a power source to function and requires sustainable upkeep.

The technology offers a battery-free smart sensor to support the monitoring of temperature. It is highly portable and can be stuck onto any packaging surface. The sensor relies on a special ink to monitor the temperature variation and can be manufactured using a conventional printer and paper. The printed ink is printed in a coded pattern and will require a smart phone to read the temperature.  

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology uses conventional printing methods to manufacture the smart sensor. Key features of the technology:
 -Manufacturing cost per sensor is below 1 cent!
 -Accuracy, range, and measurable time are adjustable by using multiple inks.
 -Accuracy depends on ink specifications.
 -Energy saving.
 -NO need to have special programs.
 -This can be printed on any type paper.

Potential Applications

For medicare goods -can be applied to medicare goods that are temperature sensitive such as blood packs for blood transfusion, vaccines, etc.

Food products label - can be applied to temperature sensitive products such as dairy, wine and chocolate

Customer Benefit

  • Easy and Cost effective
  • Support Quality Certificate (i.e. temperature Logger).
  • Keep up to 1M Byte data on paper will provide rich content.

Contact Person

Sumie Kubo


IP Bridge, Inc.

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  • Enterprise & Productivity
  • Internet of Things & Wearable Technology
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