Drivernet – The Smart Logistics App And Cloud Based Community That Connects Any Driver To Any Customer Or Site, In Swifter, Safer More Secure And Sustainable Ways.

Abstract/Technology Overview

DriverNet removes waste, risk and emissions from supply chains caused by partners not being able to connect or share information with each other in real time, despite being able to access mobile internet connections. DriverNet provides delivery drivers in commercial vehicles with information and profiles of the sites they are scheduled to deliver to, establishes a live remote connection with customers, enabling them receive prompts and proximity alerts, and then uses smart navigation to direct drivers to the precise delivery location, avoiding low bridges and roadworks. Customers will include micro and multinational fleet operators and various other possible categories in addition

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

DriverNet  features a series of integrated smart services to improve driver and customer operations; 

Smart Navigation directs driver to their precise delivery location, not the front of a store. 

SmartPass fast tracks the inbound process, removing the formation of queues outside sites. 

SmartSite enables drivers to view information on customer locations ahead of every  delivery. 

Potential Applications

DriverNet will optimise a series of cross sector supply chain and logistics operations, and can also be used for mobile workforces in sectors where logistics is a secondary service, such as car rentals and domiciliary healthcare operations.  DriverNet also contains a series of modules that provide operational support features for driver and management teams, digitalising a series of antiquated manual, verbal or paper based processes in one place.    

Customer Benefit

For fleet operators, DriverNet reduces that average turn around time at a store, vehicle and property damage, insurance premiums, fuel costs and emissions, whilst improving the safety and security of every delivery, and offering a more connected experience for drivers and customers alike. DriverNet also provides employers with a more modern approach to engaging their drivers and mobile workforces, digitally transforming a series of antiquated, costly and time consuming back office management processes. 

Contact Person

Niraj Saraf


Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

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  • TRL 7

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