Smart Signage with Bluetooth-based Indoor Positioning Technology

Abstract/Technology Overview

An appealing signage attracts potential customers to enter the establishment. The increasing use of mobile devices enables further avenue to reach out to potential customers. This technology integrates Bluetooth beacon technology into smart signage to push targeted advertising to potential customers attracting them to enter the establishments. This technology enables automated tracking of users/assets via indoor navigations with integrated Bluetooth beacon technology in every smart signage.

The technology offers Indoor positioning and indoor navigation technology solutions using Bluetooth Low-energy (BLE) beacons. This leverage on BLE being low-cost, easy to deploy & maintain. The BLE devices which can be placed in signage broadcast radio signals through in-built antennas to devices. Data collected will be transmitted back to the backend via GSM/WIFI. Statistics collected can be converted into meaningful information for business use.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Signage being strategically placed at an elevated, prominent position is an ideal position for BLE beacon. The signal is broadcasted to nearby pedestrians with the configurable distance between 80 meters to 700 meters.

1)       Smart Signage

2)       BLE Beacons cards

3)       Bluetooth readers

Using Bluetooth-enabled smartphones with preinstalled applications (typically in the form of loyalty rewards programme) allows targeted advertising to a potential customer. The customized application can include business logic like attendance reporting module, foot-fall and heat map, indoor navigation and wayfinding applications, etc.

The indoor positioning technology offers a dashboard to monitor foot fall, heat map and crowd counting. Combining branding with smart BLE beacon technology allows for more effective engagement through targeted marketing and customer engagement.

Potential Applications

For indoor tracking: -

  1. Assets tracking
  2. Deployment for automated attendance & tracking of students or employees etc.
  3. Visitors tracking (beacons deployment for outdoor tracking of users/visitors in malls or other locations etc. Pushed promos or advertisement visitors moving between different zones.)
  4. Accurate indoor navigations (with enhanced precision configurations & navigations mapping add-ons or more)
  5. Optimal task scheduling based on locations & proximity or personnel

Customer Benefit

This technology will enable companies that are interested in targeted marketing that automatically push information and advertising to potential customers through geographical fencing using our Bluetooth tracking technology.

Other applicable usage includes people and/or assets tracking for data analysis to better resource management.

Example: - Live dashboard view of where all personnel are at any given time while tracking their durations spent at each area is a few of the factor in this technology. It can also push timed marketing into QR codes for any in-store discounts etc.

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Jasmeen Seow


Jasper Art Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.

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Indoor positioning technology, Indoor Smart Signage Navigation, Automated Push notification via Geo Fencing