Born Digital with Paperless e-Form solution

Abstract/Technology Overview

Our Paperless e-Form solution is a Digital Process Transformation solution that enables you to change the process previously written and stored in paper documents to design, create, distribute, store and manage electronics forms using smart devices. By designing e-forms and workflows on existing documents, the entire process can be converted to digital without significantly changing the existing process. Based on Digital e-Form, our solution implemented environmentally friendly technology of low carbon green growth.

It can reduce costs such as using paper, approval time, manual input, document storage and document retrieval, which caused by the use of paper documents, and automate business processes regardless of time and space. As a result, it can improve your business process efficiently and effectively.

We are looking for partners to lead/expand the market in Singapore with our Paperless e-Form solution which can be adopted across many different types of industries and by many different types of customers.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This software is consist of technologies that supports the whole process of designing the form, distributing, creating, storing and managing electronic documents.

  • Designing: Create e-form as it is in the format you used to
    It allows you to design e-Forms on existing forms. Our advanced designer provides properties like Checkbox, Combo box, Calendar box, Pop-up Sign Box, Text box, Masking box, Multimedia box, Voice file, Timestamp box, Highlighter, Pen.
    Also, Designers can plug-in to MS Word to create documents and design e-Forms directly
  • Distributing: Design whole process
    Not only e-form design but also workflow is designed for approval, rejection and notification to receiver. These functions are for user’s convenience.

  • Creating: High-speed e-form generation & Safe process
    Not like other PDF-based solutions, it processes data in XML. It is faster and does not store data on the device.
    Blocking the source of private information disclosure with no need of down loading the document format file.

  • Storing: Stable performance
    Speedy and stable production of final PDF based on server and time stamp processing.
    No need of app re-supply owing to the business logic residing at the server

  • Managing: Enhance your document management skills
    It provides improved document management technology for convenience like
    Folder/File Management, Permission Management, Integrated Search, Expression Type, Version/History Management, Document Properties Specification, Repository Management, Security, Long-Term Preservation

Potential Applications

Our solution can be applied in any industry/job using paper.

  • Bank
    • Transfer slip, Loan agreement, Account deposit application
  • Insurance
    • Insurance application, Subscription form, Insurance manual
  • Securities / Card
    • Account opening application Form, Card application form
  • Distribution
    • Franchisee contract, Electronic agreement
  • Rental
    • Automobile, Electronics, Mobile equipment contract
  • Public
    • Application for civil affairs, Facility management report, Document approval process
  • Construction / Engineering
    • Automation of electronic contract, Facility check report, Safety inspection report
  • Hospital & Healthcare
    • Operation agreement, Medical treatment application
  • HR
    • Employment contract

Customer Benefit

  • Environment protection by Green IT technology:
    • Green IT environment can be implemented by reducing paper usage costs and document storage costs by no longer using paper documents.
  • Reduce business process time:
    • You can work faster by automating your business process by designing time consuming approval step and flow as our workflow functionality.
  • Real-time check of work status:
    • Real-time approval step and document/data check make it possible to work faster and more efficiently.
  • Automatically enter into the database:
    • All inputs you type in the handwriting before is automatically entered into the database, and able to reduce human errors by setting conditions on field.
  • Document security is enhanced.
    • The risk of loss of paper documents is reduced, customer information can be safely stored and utilized as corporate assets.

Contact Person

Ji Soo Shin


National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Technology Category
  • Enterprise & Productivity
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 9

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