Easy Authoring System for Interactive Education (EASIE)

Abstract/Technology Overview

Companies need trained candidates to operate, but training them is costly in terms of time and money, and sometimes presents safety risks. There is a need for situational training that requires the use of specialised environments and equipment. These training programs require space and equipment, that are slow and expensive to produce/maintain. There is a lack of a good, fast and inexpensive solutions to create training, which hinders productivity of companies.

This software system provides a 3D virtual training environments with the use of a variety of platforms (PC/Head Mounted Display). It allows for a near realistic 3D virtual training environments scenarios that are not feasible in real life due to safety reasons. This solution improves productivity by reducing cost, time and producing better training results and better trained individuals.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The following are features of the system :

  • 3D virtual training environments used with a variety of platforms (PC/Head Mounted Display);
  • Virtual reality environment for realistic feel for the trainees;
  • Varieties of training environment in construction, aviation, food manufacturing, maritime and security;
  • Customisable training scenarios depending on the business needs.

Potential Applications

Training for workers is important and necessary for regulatory and business reasons. They are however often costly in terms of time and money, and sometimes presents safety risks as well. The system is currently developed for following areas of focus with regard to the training environments:

  • construction;
  • aviation;
  • food manufacturing;
  • maritime and
  • security.

The system also allows for the development of customised scenarios relevant to the user's business requirements.

Contact Person

Jonathan Ng


Singapore Polytechnic

Technology Category
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Computer-Simulated Environments
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 5