Flexible Super Capacitor for Wearable Applications

Abstract/Technology Overview

Commercially available supercapacitors are packaged in metal cans or prismatic cells which are rigid while wearable devices should be soft and flexible, conforming to the human body without sacrificing comfort or impeding movement. These conflicting requirements make integrating existing supercapacitors into wearable devices difficult and awkward.

Republic Polytechnic has developed a supercapacitor capable of withstanding repeated bending and flexing, particularly suited for use in soft wearable devices where comfort and freedom of movement of the wearer are essential. The supercapacitor has sufficient capacity to power up low power devices or act as buffers for larger energy storage and can be scaled up or down depending on requirement.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Commercially available supercapacitors are often packaged in rigid casing making them awkward to use in wearable devices. Designers of wearable devices have much more room for development if flexible components are available.  While there has been much literature presenting flexible supercapacitors, few have focused on putting them in actual wearable systems.

Our supercapacitor design has an improved structure and has been tested to be able to be bent to 90deg repeatedly without degradation in performance. The design also allows it to be easily integrated into wearable devices and has been tested on a wearable biomechanical energy harvester designed in house.


Potential Applications

Flexible supercapacitor that is currently developed can be easily integrated into existing systems. Examples of such systems are:

  • Self-powered sensors for wearable devices for medical, wellness and sports applications
  • Biomechanical energy harvesting devices
  • Low powered wireless trackers
  • Battery-less devices
  • Other electronic systems that require flexible energy storage
  • Medical healthcare and wellness monitoring devices

Contact Person

Sidharta Hidayat


Republic Polytechnic

Technology Category
  • Power Management
  • Battery & SuperCapacitor
  • Healthcare
  • Semiconductors
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 4