Facilities Management Goes Digital

Abstract/Technology Overview

Our Facilities Management Service Application is a cloud-based mobile solution, empowering anyone to manage field services effectively and efficiently. With just a mobile device in hand, you can easily create job orders, schedule and dispatch technicians, create service report with billing information, and monitor resources and status. Intuitive and highly reliable, anyone would be able to access our Facilities Management Service Application anytime and anywhere.  

Technicians often face the problem of having to fill in endless paper application forms to generate service reports to ensure all processes are in order. Our application has a thorough walkthrough for both administrator and technician according to their job scope. With this application, technicians will be able to spend more time in ensuring checks are carried out in accordance with industry standards.

This new application is targeted at SMEs, enabling them to improve their field service standard and enhance customer satisfaction; bringing their business to new heights. 

We are looking into partnering IT companies or system integrators who can work with us in enhancing our Facilities Management Service. 

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our Facilities Management Service Application is equipped with all the necessary features required to perform a field service from start to end. The features are grouped into 3 key areas as below,

  1. Resource Management
    User Management, Customer Management, Contract Management, Parts Management, Checklist Management, Insightful Graphical Dashboard, Revenue Reports and Contract Renewal List
  2. Scheduling and Dispatching
    Calendar for Scheduling & Dispatch, Real-time Job Monitoring & Processing, Ad-hoc Job Scheduler, Automatic Creation and Scheduling of Jobs Based on Contract Expiry
  3. Field Service Work
    Technician Job List, Service Form and Checklist, Automatic Billing Calculation, Camera Feature, e-Signature, Instant Submission and Reporting, Send to Email, Export to PDF, Save Data to Device, Push Notification, Cross Platforms

Potential Applications

  1. Construction
    Automates construction safety inspections, scheduling, work orders and asset tracking
  2. Facility Maintenance
    Manage your field technicians conveniently whether you are in the office or on-site
  3. Courier Delivery
    Capture customers’ signature and create invoices instantly, reduce data entry and disputes
  4. Healthcare & Medical
    End-to-end inspection management capabilities ranging from mobile field inspections to automated management reporting
  5. Plumbing
    Better manage quality checks, direct sales, collections, and field services
  6. Lawn Care
    Track field worker’s job results with picture and keep track of records and history
  7. Security & Alarm
    Automates communications and records management between field and office
  8. Appliance Services
    Schedule and dispatch workers in the field to perform jobs efficiently
  9. Other Industries
    Our Facilities Management Application can be applied across industries

Customer Benefit

Field Technicians Real-Time Management
Our Facilities Management Service Application allows administrators to manage field technicians in real-time; saving time and cost. Technicians can access job information, customer history, and status of existing work orders instantly without having to go back to the office. It’s smart, fast, and effective.

Effective Documentation Management
When a technician fills in a digital form such as the facility inspection form, the completed form is saved as a digital document. It can be easily exported to other file formats such as PDF. The camera feature allows you to take a picture of the completed job and get instant approval from the customer by using the e-Signature feature. Completed report is sent to server and customer with a click of a button.

Reduce Human Error in Data Input
Field technicians would be able to input information from checks straight into the system with their mobile device without having to transfer the data manually. This greatly reduces human error and ensure all required data are input accurately.

Speed Up Billing Process
Mobile service report includes billing information and job description. Price value of repair parts is automatically computed based on the cost of parts entered into the system. Invoices can be generated right on spot including the cost of parts, labor, and tax; generated invoice can be sent to the customer within minutes.

Measure Employees Performance using Analytical Dashboard
The dashboard allows you to see an overview of the progress from job creation to completion. It can also be used to monitor technicians’ performance and determine if they have met their KPIs. A monthly report can be generated instantly for management review.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Field technicians will be able to pull out customer’s history straight from the system. Our seamless application helps to speed up the entire field inspection process. An analytical dashboard is also available for you to track customer profiles and satisfaction level.

Protect the Environment and Reduce Costs
The number of forms you need to fill out during a field inspection check seems endless. With our Facilities Management Service Application, you can cut out paper forms and help protect the trees. All costs associated with printing paper form can be eliminated as well.

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