WPGear - A mechanical gear unit, a toothed drive mechanism based on a revolutionary new principle.

Abstract/Technology Overview

WPG is a unique gear system that can be directly integrated into an electric motor and is capable of replacing frequency converters for some applications. The mechanical performance of the WPG in terms of the gear ratio and power transmission is comparable to conventional drives with the highest performance density -  Watts to Megawatts and a wide gear ratio.

The technology is based on the existing and well-established principles of Tooth Geometry for gear designs. The gear ratio of the new drive can be fixed or variable (with multiple gears). In addition, its decreased size and mass resulting from the power distribution coupled with the gear unit’s disc, and tube-type designs eliminate installation problems that are a constraint for conventional gear systems. This advantage offers immense possibilities with good efficiency, small mass, increased reliability and load capacity while requiring minimal maintenance. The WPG gear is designed to increase the product's lifetime and achieve maximum power density.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology have specially:

  • higher performance density
  • large (up to 1:1 500 000) gear range
  • fix or changable gears
  • reduction or multiplication gear option
  • compact construction
  • unlimited installation options (or options that have not been available so far)
  • high mechanical efficiency
  • reliable, precision constructions
  • "unbreakable" construction option
  • higher torsional rigidity
  • low noise level
  • alow warming inclination
  • self-locking option
  • flexible plannability
  • balanced operation
  • backlash-free drive
  • precise positioning
  • coaxial construction
  • up to 500% shock loadability

While existing harmonic drives and cyclo drives can only be used as reductors, the WPGear can be used as a reductor or a multiplicator.

Potential Applications

The technology can be applied to:

  • general purpose industrial drives
  • robot industry
  • food industry
  • medial technology
  • mining
  • vehicle industry
  • oil industry
  • wind energy sector
  • hydropower sector nuclear energy sector

WPGear is currently the only drive on the market allowing direct integration into an electric motor and the use multiple gears if needed, and may even replace frequency converters in certain applications.

Contact Person

Péter Mogyorósi


LC Innoconsult

Technology Category
  • Assembly / Automation / Robotics
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7

gear, gear unit, electric motor, robotics, toothed drive, mechanical