ALLEGRO, the Smart Logistics Solution for the Global Shipping Business

Abstract/Technology Overview

Liner shipping business is under various challenges internally and externally. Our up-to-date IT technologies help shipping businesses lower the risk and cost. Through our proved mega projects with global carriers and the multi decades of business experience, we have developed the internalized intelligent algorithm.

Automatically generated container activity plan, precise cost estimation, and the real-time contribution margin calculation, special cargo validation as well as advanced support for the full set of global logistics service – now available with our latest solution ALLEGRO.

ALLEGRO will be a good turning point to your business in terms of digital support and smart decision making.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

1. Integrated Solution: Every detailed process from booking to cargo delivery is covered in one database. The shipping information generated by customers/vendors is seamlessly handled through our sophisticated shipping plan.

2. Intelligent Algorithm:

  • Sophisticated cost estimation
  • Real-time contribution margin calculation based on the container activity plan
  • Special cargo control through dedicated validation engine
  • Joint operation settlement, etc.

3. Transparency: Profit management and the end to end supply chain visibility

4. Exception Management: ALLEGRO was designed to recognize various exceptions occurring in shipping process.

  • Notify automatically
  • Support recovery and monitor the final result
  • From customs holding, special cargo management, vessel changing, schedule revision, destination change, etc.

5. Yield Management:

  • Smartly decide the pricing policy for profit
  • Plan sales target for maximum operation profit by office
  • Control space dynamically from profit perspective
  • Book under optimum service network route and negotiate with shippers based on profitable cargo, etc.

Potential Applications

As you can see from our customer references, ALLEGRO’s optimized system architecture with stable performances have been validated and guaranteed for any scale of liner shipping business; from small and medium sized liner businesses to the world class mega carriers. The flexible customization for the customers’ shipping business practice will be smoothly handled. 

For companies that lack digital support, ALLEGRO provides the visibility to make decisions based on the right data.

Customer Benefit

With decades of project experience and hundreds of IT/maritime business professionals, ALLEGRO ensures short project period and fewer human resources. Recently completed and currently ongoing projects with global mega carriers such as ONE, NYK, PIL, etc. prove that they have been achieving excellence as NYK Line President quotes “NYK began applying the Liner Management System within our container division in April 2016. We have seen remarkable improvement in the speed and accuracy of forecasting profitability for each of our containers.” and PIL Managing Director quotes “The various functions in this Liner Management System encompass the industry’s best practices which would greatly improve our operation efficiency, customer service and yield optimization.

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Wai Mung Low


National IT Industry Promotion Agency

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  • TRL 9

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