IntelliK Studio – Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Games for the Public by the Public

Abstract/Technology Overview

IntelliK Studio is a programming-free game authoring platform which equips users with the right tools to design and develop different types of games in an easy and efficient manner. The integrated visual environment allows users to seamlessly define and create different kinds of game objects, logics, interfaces, control scripts and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools through 4th generation visual programming. Futhermore, IntelliK provides an AI generator tool which helps users to quickly define and embed different kinds of AI into their games and characters. IntelliK technology is based on its three core components, namely, 4th generation visual programming, artificial intelligence and data analysis tools. 4th generation visual programming enables users to create a variety of different games in a system-independent and programming-free manner. Artificial Intelligence modules allow users to embed AI capabilities into the different game creations as well as providing smarter, self-learning and adaptive games to users. The data collection and analysis module enables the collection of data as users create or play games, and performs data analytics to automatically adapt the game and game actions to the users’ environment. The combination of all these features constitutes a unique technological solution.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

IntelliK is a programming-free game authoring platform with a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence and data analytics. To support such modules, IntelliK makes uses of a wide array of artificial intelligence tools and methodologies, which include expert systems, decision trees, behaviour trees, fuzzy rules, state machine, and neural / deep networks. Such methodologies can be embedded into diverse game creations, enabling a diversity of possibilities. On the other hand, as users create and play games, IntelliK collects and analyses such data to adapt to the user’s environment. One example includes the “emotion detection” module, which, by combining computer vision and deep learning techniques, allows IntelliK to predict humans’ mood as they interact with the platform and adapt accordingly. Furthermore, IntelliK is a platform where new modules can be easily incorporated as it aims for growth.

Potential Applications

The technology available at IntelliK can be employed in a number of different industries as a standalone software and/or as an online application:

  • the programming-free game authoring platform can be employed in the game industry for creative users to easily develop new and sophisticated games;
  • the platform can be used in the education sector as a platform to teach coding and AI-related concepts in an immersive manner to young people;
  • the platform can be used in the healthcare sector to develop games bringing different benefits to practitioners (e.g. training) and patients (e.g. therapy) through customization;
  • the platform can be used in academic and research-related environments to test and validate AI and data-related algorithms.
  • Alternatively, it can be marketed as a social network-fashioned mobile application where users can create games within the app, share their creations and get other users to play and interact with such creations.


Customer Benefit

Customers will benefit from IntelliK in different ways:

  • users can bring innovative ideas into digital game development since IntelliK reduces the threshold for developing digital games;
  • users can create games with different levels of sophistication by making use of a wide array of AI and data related tools;
  • young people can be immersively introduced to the basics of coding and AI;
  • teachers can make use of IntelliK as a platform to teach coding and AI-related concepts;
  • researchers can use IntelliK as a platform for testing and validation of AI and data related methodologies and algorithms.

Contact Person

Geraldine Lau


Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Educational Technology
  • Interactive Digital Media & Multimedia
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6