Personal Online Data Management with Asset Management Production System (AMPS)

Abstract/Technology Overview

AMPS is a collaborative and versatile cloud-based data repository solution with multi-functional features. It allows users to host personal online data storage with a quick and easy installation process. It is user-friendly for all types of users from different industries and expertise level, from media & entertainment to education.

AMPS features file-hosting functionality which enables archiving, retrieving, tracking, sharing and interaction with digital media assets. AMPS is also equipped with various tools to enhance efficiency and ease of management, such as annotation tools and workflow management with simple sharing process.

AMPS features a networked GPU compute farm, which boosts power of compute farm for intensive computation and accelerates data processing. One example is GPU rendering for media production which significantly speeds up rendering of frames.

Data security of users is our top priority. AMPS is secure with cryptographic protocols, Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. Physical files are stored and organised using our proprietary storage scheme to prevent data hacking.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

-        Upload, download and share files with full control of permissions setting and expiry date

-        Media transcoding

-        Support over 60 video and image formats for previewing

-        Annotation tools for images and videos

-        Backup and revision control

-        Archiving (customizable duration)

-        User, role and permission managements

-        Flexible project and workflow managements

-        Approval functions

-        Audit log

-        Download and run AMPS easily with support from Docker

-        Able to deploy on multiple servers to scale according to user needs

-        Open web API for third party applications

Potential Applications

AMPS is ready to be adopted by anyone who needs an efficient system to manage personal digital data. Meanwhile, AMPS is adaptable and versatile as it is modifiable to cater to most industries. The potential industries range from media industries such as gaming, animation, films and advertising to medical and education sectors. 

Customer Benefit

Users will be able to quickly set up the system as their personal online data management solution. For industrial users, the system can also be customized to fit their specific needs. It is scalable and flexible. Features can be added on and the system will continue to grow and evolve with the company as their own online storage with full control.

Contact Person

Geraldine Lau


Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive Pte Ltd

Technology Category
  • Enterprise & Productivity
  • Interactive Digital Media & Multimedia
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 7