Automatic Preformed Bag Fill & Seal Machine For Food & Beverage Industry

Abstract/Technology Overview

The lack of manpower is an ongoing struggle in the F&B industry, where many repetitive tasks are still done manually. One such laborious task is packing food products into containers or preformed bags for distribution, OEM or self-use. The Automatic Preformed Bag Fill & Seal machine reduces the need for extensive manpower by automating the packing process for liquid, paste, cream or oil products. The machine is capable of retrieving the bag from a dispenser, open it at the non-seal side, filling it, and sealing it before dispensing the finished bag into a collection tray or conveyor. All with just one operator.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The machine mimics the way a human picks and opens a bag by using a series of pick and place systems. If the preformed bags are loaded wrongly, i.e the non-seal side of the bags are facing wrongly, the machine is able to detect and reject accordingly. Using servo powered filling, products can be filled with both speed and accuracy. Both filling volume and speed can be adjusted and stored in the system memory for future use. 

The machine is designed to be small and compact, considering the space constraints in Singapore. Machines with similar capabilities often command larger footprint, making it hard for businesses to use them. 


  • Bag size: width (180 to 240mm), Length (200 to 360mm)
  • Filling volume: 1 - 3 liters
  • Fill and pack speed (litre): 2 - 7 bags / min
  • Dimensions: L1800mm x W550mm x H1600mm
  • Weight: 250kg

Potential Applications

Catering primarily to F&B industry businesses involving manufacturing, catering or those with central kitchens. Often there is a need to pack and transport products around. Using preformed bags not only save space but also brings much convenience to the end users, one can simply tear open the bags to use the product immediately. Businesses can also do the concentrated form of their product and pack into these preformed bags, allowing them to store or transport more with the same space. At the end user side, simply add water to return the product to their original ratio. The machine can be adjusted to fill solid products into the preformed bags.

Customer Benefit

  • Reduce manpower reliance
  • Consistent and efficient
  • Time and cost saving
  • Improve productivity

Contact Person

Ken Wong


Kong Shiang Engineering

Technology Category
  • Packaging / Storage
  • Processes
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 8

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