Arctic World Archive

Abstract/Technology Overview

Piql safeguards your irreplaceable information!

What the Global Seed Vault is for plants, the Arctic World Archive is for the world’s irreplaceable data; - a secure and safe place where the data will be available when all other systems fail.

Piql has developed an ultra-secure data storage and long-term digital preservation solution, the Piql System. Piql has converted a photosensitive film into a self-contained digital preservation medium, the piqlFilm.  The piqlFilm is kept in the piqlBox, and has a longevity of 500+ years, – with guaranteed read-back of data in the future.

It can store both visual information and digital data simultaneously. No other storage medium has this capability. Being an offline and true WORM solution, data cannot be hacked, manipulated or deleted.

The solution fully integrates with a standard IT environment and will be offered as a managed service, Piql Services, through a global network of Piql Partners. These Partners will use the Piql System, that constitutes the piqlWriter (to write data onto the film) and the piqlReader (to read data off the film) to provide Services to clients.

The Arctic World Archive caters for any country, authority, organization, company or person in need of ultra-secure storage of their valuable information with guaranteed access in the future. Typically, data stored in the Arctic World Archive will the ultimate back-up or disaster recovery copy of irreplaceable data that needs to be protected either for security or confidentiality purposes, - or to be guaranteed available in the future.



Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

With the unique features of the Arctic World Archive, clients get incomparable advantages:

 Deep inside arctic mountains with permafrost and ideal climatic conditions, on an island declared demilitarized by 42 nations, is where the Arctic World Archive is situated. The safest place on earth for offline and offsite storage of valuable data.

• A neutral, offsite and secure data vault situated on the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic sea between Norway and the North Pole

• Data securely preserved for 1000+ years on piqlFilm with guaranteed access in the future.

• Data protected by permafrost in a nuclear- and EMP-safe vault deep inside a shutdown mine

• Redundant high-speed data connection to mainland Norway as well as to clients worldwide providing them authorised access

More about the technology

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Potential Applications

The National Archives of Brazil and Mexico and the Inter-Municipality Archives of Norway, were the first nations to deposit some of their most important data in the Arctic World Archive:

"We are proud to create history for Brazil by being part of this important moment to deposit in the Arctic World Archive® the most important documents from the National Archives of Brazil from before the 16th century until the 20th century. By doing this now we are ensuring that future generations will have access to this information." Ricardo Marques, Director of the National Archives of Brazil

 "It is an amazing feeling to know that my own nation’s memory will be kept safe for future generations to see on this arctic island." Erick Cardoso, Director of Information Technology, National Archive of Mexico

Customer Benefit

Data integrity is guaranteed, there is no chance of modification or hacking of the information stored on a true WORM (write once, read many) medium, such as piqlFilm

Data authenticity is maintained, - there is no chance to add or manipulate any information.

Data availability is maintained, the information is guaranteed to be available independent of access to specific technology or vendors. The piqlFilm is self-contained and contains all information needed for future data retrieval. Further there is no chance of deleting any information stored on piqlFilm due to its true WORM characteristics.

Future readability is guaranteed, since piqlFilm has extreme longevity and durability properties, is self-contained and consequently migration-free.

Data confidentiality is maintained, since piqlFilm is an offline medium that can only be brought online by the choice of the client.

Client get significant cost savings over time since it is migration-free.

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