Ultra-Secure Data Storage

Abstract/Technology Overview

Piql safeguards your irreplaceable information!

In a world threatened with hacking, cybercrime, data theft and manipulation, - Piql offers a safe haven for valuable information. Data stored with Piql cannot be hacked or manipulated.

Piql has developed an ultra-secure data storage and long-term digital preservation solution, the Piql System. Piql has converted a photosensitive film into a self-contained digital preservation medium, the piqlFilm.  The piqlFilm is kept in the piqlBox, and has a longevity of 500+ years, – with guaranteed read-back of data in the future.

It can store both visual information and digital data simultaneously. No other storage medium has this capability. Being an offline and true WORM solution, data cannot be hacked, manipulated or deleted.

The solution fully integrates with a standard IT environment and will be offered as a managed service, Piql Services, through a global network of Piql Partners. These Partners will use the Piql System, that constitutes the piqlWriter (to write data onto the film) and the piqlReader (to read data off the film) to provide Services to clients.

Piql's ultra-secure data storage services are intended for organisations within public and private sectors that has irreplaceable and valuable data that must be stored securely and confidentially (for commercial, strategic, political or other reasons) – with a guarantee for these data's integrity, authenticity and availability.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

With the unique features of Piql Ultra-Secure Data Storage Services, clients get incomparable advantages:

 Unalterable – by using a true WORM (write once read many) storage medium, it is impossible to modify or delete any data

 Secure – data is safeguarded from cyber attacks, logical threats as well as EMP and physical threats

 Flexible – data can be stored in both digital and visual (i.e. human readable) format

 Searchable – data can be searchable through online metadata, so you will always find what you need when you need it

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Potential Applications

Piql has clients in different types of industries, and has focused on the following six segments where Piql's unique features makes a real difference:

Public Administration & Archives:

Ex: The National Archive of Mexico decided to put pieces of the most valuable information they have on piqlFilm and even store it in the Arctic World Archive.


Culture & Memory Institutions:

Ex: National Museum of Norway gained interest in Piql’s migration-free solution as they were looking to develop a complete new workflow of access and preservation of their digital assets.


Audio-Visual and Media:

Ex: Czech Radio, the public radio broadcaster of the Czech Republic, has a large audio archive representing global and Czech historical events.  


Industry & Manufacturing:

Ex: Navantia, a large shipbuilding yard in Spain that assembles ships with a lifetime of up to 60 years. The company is required to keep all documentation and information about all parts of the ship for more than the expected lifetime of the vessels.  


Defence, Justice & Legal:

Ex: Tata Consultancy Services preserved 50 million historical legal documents on piqlFilm on behalf of the High Court of Madya Pradesh in India.


Bank & Insurance:

Many banks still have a vast amount of paper records they are obliged to archive both for legal and business reasons. Ex. one of Piql’s clients used to spend EUR 250 000 monthly on physically storing their paper archive at a remote location. By writing the documents on piqlFilm, the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security has improved immensely.

Customer Benefit

Data integrity is guaranteed, there is no chance of modification or hacking of the information stored on a true WORM (write once, read many) medium, such as piqlFilm

Data authenticity is maintained, - there is no chance to add or manipulate any information.

Data availability is maintained, the information is guaranteed to be available independent of access to specific technology or vendors. The piqlFilm is self-contained and contains all information needed for future data retrieval. Further, there is no chance of deleting any information stored on piqlFilm due to its true WORM characteristics.

Future readability is guaranteed, since piqlFilm has extreme longevity and durability properties, is self-contained and consequently migration-free.

Data confidentiality is maintained, since piqlFilm is an offline medium that can only be brought online by the choice of the client.

Client get significant cost savings over time since it is migration-free.

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