Flexible, Biodegradable and Cost Efficient Matrix for Controlled Release of Actives into the Environment

Abstract/Technology Overview

Hydroemission is a Singapore based materials science company with a core competency in the development and manufacture of biodegradable controlled release delivery systems for a spectrum of environmental applications, including but not limited to: mosquito larvae control, agricultural pest control, condensate water treatment, grease remediation, ambient scenting and air purification.

Most treatment processes in environmental applications involves administering a high dose of actives at a given time only to have to repeat that dose days or weeks later. This is not economical and sometimes result in damaging side effects such as inconsistent treatment, environmental pollution and resistance development of the target organisms.

These controlled release delivery systems are highly flexible. They can be designed to release actives with specified parameters, such as dosage, dosage interval, treatment period, and treatment depth (in water based environments), to fulfill the unique requirements of each application. They are able to encapsulate practically any actives, ranging from powders to gels and liquids at room temperatures and pressures, maintaining the integrity of the actives. They are simple and easy to scale up for mass production.

The technology enables improvement of existing products and development of new products from traditional actives and formulations.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology has the following features and specifications:

  • Biodegradable
  • Zero-low aquatic toxicity
  • Ability to customise dosage, dosage intervals and treatment period based on requirements
  • Ability to dose actives at specified water depths (in water based environments)
  • Ability to encapsulate a wide range of actives, in liquid, gel and powder forms
  • Processing at room temperatures and pressures
  • Actives loading up to 90% w/w
  • Can be produced in tablet, film and granular forms
  • Simple and easy to scale up for mass production

Potential Applications

This technology can be used in any application that requires a consistent dose of actives for an extended time period, to bring about a certain treatment effect. It is especially suitable in applications where the technology can bring about an overall improvement in treatment efficacy, reduction in treatment cost, and environmental pollution.

Potential applications include (but are not limited to):

  • Mosquito larvae control
  • Agricultural pest control
  • Grease remediation
  • Condensate water treatment
  • Ambient scenting
  • Air purfication
  • Energy recovery
  • Infrastructure protection

Customer Benefit

This technology provides the following benefits:

  • Lowers treatment costs
  • Reduces actives consumption
  • Improves treatment efficacy
  • Prevents resistance development in target organism
  • Safer and easier handling of actives
  • Protects actives from environmental degradation (e.g. UV)

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Grace Chew


Hydroemission Corporation Pte Ltd

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  • TRL 9

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